Couple Exposes Infant To Meth

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Couple Exposes Infant To Meth

A couple was recently arrested and charged with felony child endangerment.  The pair was found allegedly smoking meth in their vehicle with an 11-month-old baby inside.  Both are charged with child endangerment with a controlled substance.

The couple also has two other children not present in the car at the time, but there is an ongoing investigation to determine the extent of methamphetamine exposure that all three children may have faced.

The police report states that the officer located the couple in a broken down Ford Explorer, with the child in the woman’s arms.  Police found meth pipes in the vehicle. In addition to the drugs the report states that it was 38 degrees that night, and the baby was only wearing a diaper.   The baby was crying and appeared to be cold and hungry.

The woman admitted to police that she is addicted to meth and feels she is an unfit mother because of her addiction.  The man allegedly admitted to smoking meth for 20 years. Both claimed to have been in an incestuous relationship for about a half-year, despite having the same mother.

Both were locked up and prosecutors want a court order prohibiting both from contacting the three children.

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