Colleges Aim to Reduce Binge Drinking

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Colleges Aim to Reduce Binge Drinking

Drinking alcohol has become a big part of the social scene in college. Around 57 percent of college students admit to socially drinking at least once a week and 37 percent of students admit to binge drinking once a week. Binge drinking is when one consumes more than four alcoholic beverages in one outing. Almost two thousand students binge drink themselves to death per year.

Colleges and universities are recognizing that binge drinking is a huge problem among their students. Many universities are trying to implement new measures to reduce this problem. Increasing security in on and off campus residences is one of the main things done to watch out for dangerous situations. Having more police officers around can help stop parties before they get out of control or even recognize when someone should go home for the night.

Another interesting thing colleges are implementing to reduce binge drinking is adding more Friday morning classes to schedules. Most universities have a limited amount of Friday morning classes because most students try to keep that day free. Because the students have off on Friday, partying on Thursdays has increased. Creating more required Friday morning classes will make the students less likely to go out and drink on a Thursday night.

The universities and colleges that have implemented both of these techniques and others to reduce binge drinking have already seen a decreased in alcohol related injuries and deaths on their campuses.