Cocaine Risk Report

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Cocaine Risk Report

When an individual begins abusing a drug such as cocaine they don’t start out by asking the health risks and drug dealers are not going to volunteer their information regarding the dangers of using it. That’s why Narconon; a non-profit organization is dedicated to providing the correct information for what happens to your body when you indulge in abusing drugs. Clark Carr, president of Narconon International says, “Everyone who is using or tempted to abuse drugs or alcohol needs to have this information in their hands now.” Millions of Americans risk their health and even their lives by abusing drugs that can cause serious, sometimes fatal damage. People who start using cocaine don’t think about the fact that cocaine could damage or even kill them the first time they use it. That is why, to save lives, Narconon is releasing health risk information for each illicit drug, starting with cocaine.

Cocaine is known to damage your heart and also dangerously affects your brain. Your intestines, vascular system and of course the serious effects it has on unborn children. “In this new website feature, anyone can find out more about effects cocaine can have on their health and the risk of death that accompanies the drug. We will follow this feature with additional information on all the other drugs of abuse. People need to know the risks,” said Carr.

Agreeing with Narconon, people can make a better decision when they know the facts. That’s why at Seabrook we offer Intervention, Inpatient/Residential, and Outpatient/Seabrook and Family Treatment Services. To learn more visit: