Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week

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Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week

The effects alcohol has on millions of people worldwide are astounding. For some, alcohol hides their fears and worries but tears their relationships apart. For others, it leads to serious diseases like cirrhosis and pancreatitis. But alcohol doesn’t just affect those consuming the substance. It affects everyone around them, especially children.

There is an estimated 18 million children of alcoholics in the United States. These children are eight times more likely to develop alcoholism as an adult. To raise awareness of these facts, the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (COA) holds an annual Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week. This year, COA Awareness Week is February 14th to 20th.

This campaign breaks the painful silence and offers hope to the children and teens affected by parents with alcoholism or addiction. The theme, “become the star in the life of a child,” encourages adults to listen and believe in children and model healthy behaviors. It is not always apparent when a child is suffering, so giving them that light can be life changing.

You can be the light in the life of a child by raising awareness of alcoholism in families this week.