The Fate of CBD Infused Foods

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The Fate of CBD Infused Foods

CBD infused
               CBD infused foods are coming.


CBD is a non-psychoactive derivative of hemp. In December of 2018, President Trump signed a farm bill granting farmers the permission to harvest products for retail as long as the CBD concentration is no greater than 0.30%. Producers and consumers alike have taken the initiative and run with the possibilities this legislation brings to market. Journalists have coined the term “canna-curious” for those jumping on the CBD band wagon and creating an industry boom. It is predicted that by 2022 CBD commerce could grow to an over $22 billion industry.

Industry Interest

Ben & Jerry’s is one company joining the CBD craze. The ice-cream giant announced they are waiting for CBD to become federally legal to release a new line of CBD infused desserts, giving people a new way to “chill out.” Ben & Jerry’s cite listening to consumer demand as the driving force to produce their new line. CBD infused products are all the rage right now. Sheetz convenience store announced they will begin selling CBD infused topicals and capsules, allowing them to continue to be a one-stop-shop for consumers on the go. The products will be available behind the counter for customers 18 years or older.

FDA’s Interest

On May 31, the Food and Drug Administration held a first of its kind open hearing to discuss the status of legalizing CBD infusion in food and drinks federally. Currently, if someone would like CBD infused food or drinks, they must hire a private chef in a state where marijuana is legalized such as Colorado. A recent survey showed that above paper straws, 75% of chefs stated CBD infused meals as 2019’s hot food trend. Canadian chefs are proud to be paving the way for CBD infused consumables as they have the freedom to experiment with marijuana in their kitchens.

The FDA hearing last month did not result in the solid answers many stakeholders were hoping for. When questioned, producers and manufacturers could not answer the Food and Drug Administration’s critical questions. Working on behalf of the consumer, the FDA is largely concerned with the quality and safety of CBD products. Again and again the Food and Drug Administration told speakers further research needs to be presented to convince the FDA their products are safe. Several of the over 100 speakers pressured the Food and Drug Administration to lead the research efforts to prove their commitment.

Currently, producers are labeling their capsules and dog treats however they want. Some CBD products are falsely claiming to stop cancer cells from spreading. The only health concerns CBD is proven to help are several rare forms of childhood epilepsy. One speaker stated that if the FDA does not implement standards soon, states will take the action upon themselves to implement their own rules and regulations.

Stockholder Interest 

While there is great potential for the CBD industry, too much is unknown. It is impossible to clear a product for human consumption without extensive testing. Any CBD merchandise currently being sold must have a disclaimer on the label stating it is not FDA approved or tested. The stock market is fluctuating with the uncertainty of the industry. When GNC announced they would be releasing a line of CBD leaven cough syrups, industry stocks went up. After the FDA hearing resulting in a very meek outlook for CBD consumables being approved anytime soon, industry stocks dipped.

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