Breathalyzer Test Detects Drugs

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Breathalyzer Test Detects Drugs

In Swedan, a new breathalyzer test has been created. This new test will be able to detect drugs along with alcohol. The test will detect 12 different controlled substances, such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, morphine, and marijuana. While most states have laws against driving under the influence of drugs, they do not currently have an easy way to test for substances other than alcohol on site during the police stop. Police rely on blood or urine samples that are taken at the police station.

The breathalyzers would be a huge advantage to police in states where marajuania has been legalized, but driving under the influence is still a crime. The new breathalyzer test was able to detect drug use 87 percent of the time, which means it is as accurate as blood and urine tests.

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