Am I Addicted to Marijuana?

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Am I Addicted to Marijuana?

Am I addicted to Marijuana?

There are plenty of misconceptions out there about marijuana, and one of the most common is that marijuana is not addictive. The truth is that long-term marijuana abuse can lead to addiction; that is, compulsive drug seeking and abuse despite its known harmful effects upon social functioning in the context of family, school, work, and recreational activities.

The following 7 questions are based and established upon the American Psychological Association’s clinical diagnosis test for addiction, and if you truthfully answer yes to 3 or more of the following questions regarding your behavior for over the last year, then according to their test which is looking for the same pattern of addiction, you are addicted:

1. Has your drug or alcohol use led to an increase in tolerance? Does it take more of the drug to achieve the same effect?
2. Do you experience any withdrawal symptoms from a discontinuation of use, or do you use any substance that minimizes the effects of withdrawal?
3. Do you ever use more of the drug, or use the drug more frequently than you had intended to?
4. Have you tried and failed to cut down on your drug use?
5. Do you spend a lot of time using, thinking about using, or recovering from your use?
6. Has your substance use caused you to stop doing worthwhile or enjoyable activities?
7. Have you continued to use even in the face of adverse health or social consequences?

Did you score 3 or more? Remember this is just a basic but reliable way of diagnosing if your drug use has become a problem, this test is just checking for the basic classic pattern of addiction, but there may also be other reasons for why you feel it has become a problem. It’s sometimes good to get an objective outsiders opinion based on that of qualified experts on patterns of addiction. Behavioral interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational incentives have shown efficacy in treating marijuana dependence. Although no medications are currently available, recent discoveries about the workings of the cannabinoid system offer promise for the development of medications to ease withdrawal, block the intoxicating effects of marijuana, and prevent relapse.

If you or a loved one answered yes to at least 3 of the above questions, or otherwise appear to be addicted to marijuana, the time to stop is now. At Seabrook, we are committed to providing quality addiction treatment for the physical, emotional and spiritual illness of chemical dependency. Our structured, nurturing programs, along with the principles grounded in the Twelve Step philosophy of recovery, combine to foster the kind of change necessary for a clean and sober life. Located in Bridgeton, New Jersey (NJ), Seabrook offers a convenient location for most northeastern states. Seabrook is an internationally recognized private and exclusive inpatient drug rehab and alcoholism detox treatment center who has achieved an elite CARF accreditation status, ensuring that our rehab patients receive the highest quality treatment. Contact Seabrook today to stop your marijuana addiction today.