Alcohol Awareness 2016: Experience is The Key!

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Alcohol Awareness 2016: Experience is The Key!

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist

April is alcohol awareness month and can send a powerful message. This was started in 1987 and designed to educate the community about alcohol and drug use. This is also one more way to try and stop the stigma against addicts!

When I think of alcohol awareness month, I think of more than educating the public but also the addict that still suffers. In the 12 step fellowship I hear many newcomers continuously say:  “I do not have a problem with alcohol; I have a problem with drugs.” They stick to the idea they can drink as long as they don’t use the drug that brought them to their knees. This always gives me goose bumps because I myself said the same thing at one point and the end result was not continuous sobriety, it was a relapse! The substance we use does not matter! We have brains that functions in an addictive manner and react in unhealthy behavior. With that said, the substance, (whether it is alcohol or drugs) activates the addictive mind. Complete abstinence is my story because I tried everything else and it always ends me straight back to the same destructive path.

In my experience trying to drink did not end well because before I knew it, I drank alcoholically and in no time went back to the substance I preferred. Today this brings me no shame to admit as this can be used to help a newcomer that walks in the door thinking they can control their drinking. I hope that sharing my experience can save them the pain I had to go through. Even if it doesn’t I have to throw my hands up and know this is their journey. Being educated on alcohol is very important for everyone. Awareness is crucial and knowledge is power! Put the substance down and reach out for help. You are not alone, I am just like you!