Alcohol Abuse and Social Consequences

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Alcohol Abuse and Social Consequences

A study done by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder finds that there is a higher mortality rate in those who suffered more psychological or social consequences rather than physical consequences due to alcohol abuse. The study has been published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Researchers analyzed data of over 40,000 Americans who regularly drank alcohol. They focused on more than 40 drinking problems, including drunk driving, violence, arrests, hangovers and drinking more than intended.

They found that those who cut back on social or sport activities due to alcohol use had a 46 percent higher risk of early death. They also found that those who were put through an intervention by family or friends had a 67 percent higher risk of death. Researchers stated that those with a strong support network were less likely to face these social consequences.

The study also reports that 20-25 percent of people either started drinking without meaning to, experienced strong urges to drink or drank longer than intended. Furthermore, the study details binge drinking statistics skyrocketing, specifically among women.