Addicts ‘Drug Shopping’ At Open Houses

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Addicts ‘Drug Shopping’ At Open Houses

As stated in a previous blog, many drug users begin experimenting with drugs through the ones they find in their family medicine cabinets. The drugs are at their fingertips and easy to obtain. However, this supply eventually runs out and addicts sometimes go to extremes in order to get their fix. These extremes include stealing money from family or friends, shoplifting items to sell, or the most recent trend of attending open houses to get into a strangers medicine cabinet.

Real estate agents have seen a rising amount of addicts attending open houses pretending to be interested in the houses. Once they are allowed in, they often sneak off on their own in search of pills in medicine cabinets. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has noticed this as well. They have found drugs on the streets that were taken from open houses. Popular drugs taken from open houses are Xanax, Valium, and painkillers.

Although this way of obtaining drugs is growing in popularity, it can be stopped. Real estate agents as well as police authorities are advising that all valuables, including drugs, should be locked up or taken out of the house while it is up for sale.