What You Need to Know About Family Intervention

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What You Need to Know About Family Intervention

Does your loved one need a “carefrontation” or family intervention? This type of sensitive, guided confrontation may be the first step in getting your loved one the proper treatment he or she needs to begin the journey toward recovery.

You’re not expected to confront a loved one on your own – nor is it always wise to do so. These tips can help you get the process started.

  • Reach out to an addiction professional. An addiction expert can help answer your questions and come up with a plan to help guide you through the intervention process. Many facilities offer intervention services to their clients.
  • Research a reputable facility. In most cases, family intervention results in immediate entry into detox, alcohol rehab, drug rehab or another appropriate treatment setting. Prior to the intervention, it’s important to explore treatment availability at an appropriate facility, including whether insurance will cover the costs. If your loved one agrees to go to treatment, make sure to get him or her to the facility immediately.
  • Gather a small support group. Family, friends, colleagues, healthcare professionals or spiritual advisors impacted by the addiction can be valuable allies for you at this time. Try not to involve too many people, however – six max, say experts – and avoid including children.
  • Make a plan and rehearse it. The most successful interventions happen when there’s a thought-out plan and loved ones remain calm. Be sure to choose your words wisely – avoid labels like “addict” – and do one or more run-throughs prior to the actual event.

Find Out About Our Family Interventions
At Seabrook ®, we work with you to construct the intervention with your loved one in a supportive, empathic way for all involved. Our highly qualified and certified family interventionists can help you deal with your unique situation. To learn more, call today: (888) 223-0298.