A New Way to Ingest Caffeine

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A New Way to Ingest Caffeine

Caffeine lovers have found a new way to get their fix, and it’s not through a new foreign brew of coffee. Manufacturers of e-cigarette inhalants have created a caffeine inhalant. The inhalant contains synthetic stimulants and natural caffeine from guarana, taurine and ginseng. Although some people are ecstatic there is a new way to get a jolt of energy, physicians and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are not happy.

What scares the FDA and physicians the most about this product is that the fact that it contains synthetic stimulants. It is unknown how these stimulants will interact with not only each other, but other things a user may be consuming. The FDA has not approved the drug and the organization is even conducting an investigation on caffeine being added into products like this and everyday items like chewing gum.

Another worry these groups have is how it is advertised. The flavor of the inhalant, similar to liquid nicotine, is candy-like. This makes it attractive to younger audiences like children or adolescents. Caffeine can affect brain and body development in adolescents, so it is necessary that this age group to stay away from the product.

Whether it is inhaling caffeine, having an energy drink or chewing caffeinated gum, Americans will always find a new way to consume the product. It is important to know what is safe and what is not when it comes to this drug in order to prevent unintended consequences from the products.