A Look at the Therapies offered at Seabrook

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A Look at the Therapies offered at Seabrook

A Look at the Therapies offered at Seabrook

Seabrook believes that the delivery of addiction treatment must be specifically oriented toward the gender, age, sexual orientation, and culture of each patient. Group therapy is provided in a gender-specific setting. Upon admission, every patient has a 2-day orientation with a detoxification counselor and is oriented to the treatment and standards of the 4 – 5 week treatment program. During this program, there are many wellness and complimentary therapies offered for the patients. Here’s a look at a few:

ACUPUNCTURE: The acupuncture detox protocol used at Seabrook was developed in the early 70’s as a non-pharmaceutical alternative to methadone for opiate withdrawal. The technique has been studied extensively and has been found to reduce stress; craving and anxiety as well improve sleep and generally aid withdrawal in all types of substance abuse.

EQUINE ASSISTED THERAPY: Equine assisted therapy incorporates horses experientially for emotional growth and learning.  It is an experiential modality in which patients learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horses, and then discussing thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns.

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION: Mindfulness is the practice of focusing one’s attention on what is happening in the present moment. This can be helpful for dealing with feelings arising from living in the past or future. Meditation is the discipline of doing this. Mindfulness/meditation groups occur regularly for each primary group.

YOGA: Hatha Yoga-style yoga techniques are coordinated with the 12 Steps to help patients practice physical and, subsequently, emotional surrender.  Through practice, yoga helps patients begin to embody the 11th Step, encouraging them to quiet the mind, and be open to the guidance of their lives, identify a Higher Power and genuinely experience serenity.

MUSIC THERAPY: The music therapy process connects patients to their creative power, so that emotional and spiritual needs can be met without the use of substances.  The primary goal is to create a “safe place” within which the participants can explore their relationship with their Higher Power, obstacles to recovery, and new ways of being.  In addition, music experiences such as listening, singing, playing and imaging are seen as ways to identify and practice new ways of responding to stress/anxiety, to gain insight into old behaviors and improve moods.

These therapies are just a few that are offered at Seabrook—the rest can be found here. It’s important for the patients at Seabrook to receive as much quality addiction treatment possible in order to foster the kind of change necessary for a clean and sober life. Contact Seabrook today to find out more about the addiction therapies offered and to learn more about the recovery from addiction.