Telecounseling Guidelines and Consent

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How to enroll in Telecounseling Services

To enroll in our Telecounseling services, you first must be an active patient at one of our Seabrook locations.  Active patients should discuss this option with their primary therapist to ensure this level of service is appropriate and that there is a full understanding of the service prior to determining that this is in line with the client’s goals in treatment.

Complete an Informed Consent and Group Guidelines

Both forms must be signed by the patient.  These can be signed in person with a Primary Therapist, Admissions Counselor, or Care Manager.  For those who are unable to sign in person can print, sign and electronically return using the below the methods of transmission.

Submission of the completed forms should be to the office of your Primary Therapist.

Need additional information?

For additional information on Telecounseling services or enrollment at Seabrook please contact us at (888) 223-0298.