Thinking of Quitting Cold Turkey? Look to Seabrook for Guidance.

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Thinking of Quitting Cold Turkey? Look to Seabrook for Guidance.

Getting Help Overcoming Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction

If you suffer from an addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or even bad habits, there are treatment options established that can help you take back control of your life.  This article will cover two of those options—quitting cold turkey and seeking help from an outside source, specifically the treatment that Seabrook provides.

Quitting cold turkey can be a great way to break any bad habit, and the immediacy of this method is very beneficial to your health, but the fact remains that quitting cold turkey requires strength in will power that many addicts do not possess.  Treatment provided by Seabrook may not be as immediate, but the methods used by our trained staff have provided proven results that last. Here is some information to chew on:

Cold Turkey:

The pain and physical discomfort of the withdrawal experience often draws people back into their addiction. Depending on the drug you are withdrawing from, those hours and days can be anywhere from miserable and annoying to unbearable and dangerous. Many people simply go back to the drugs because they can’t handle the withdrawal symptoms and can’t see the end in sight.

Seabrook Treatment Centers:

The advantage of going to a drug treatment center is knowing that your health is being carefully watched. If anything should get difficult, you can be transferred to a nearby hospital until you are out of danger.  We at Seabrook house know the dangers of relapsing and are fully prepared to combat this challenge.

Furthermore, Seabrook is easily accessible from all areas on the east coast including Boston, Massachusetts (MA), New York, New York (NY), Richmond, Virginia (VA), Baltimore, Maryland (MD), and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA).  If you are not located on the east coast, we are easily accessible from many major airports such as Philadelphia International, JFK, Atlantic City airport, and many more.  Give us a call and get started on your road to recovery.