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here are some tips for avoiding burnout in recovery.

How to Avoid Burnout in Recovery

Maintaining good health isn’t automatic. It requires diligent effort. Most of the time, especially when choosing sobriety, your health matters...

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National Recovery Month and the Power of Resilience

Choosing a healthier way of life can sometimes be a lonely path, and this is often true in addiction recovery....

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Tips for Dry Dating

So, you’ve completed addiction treatment and followed the important advice about waiting to date in early sobriety. Good for you!...

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Change Is Constant: Here Are 10 Ways to Handle It Better

Without a doubt, the one thing in life we can’t control is change. However, we’re fully capable of how we...

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Recovery Success, Boost Recovery Success With These Wellness Hacks

Boost Recovery Success With These Wellness Hacks

We all understand that taking good care of yourself makes sense, but it’s a game changer for people managing their...

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Language Matters in Recovery

Are You an Addict? Why Language Matters in Recovery

As you learn more about who you really are, it’s all too easy to let your internal critic take over...

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Medically Assisted Opioid Detoxification

To Overcome Opioid Addiction, Try Specialized Detox and Treatment

To heal from certain substances often takes a little more effort and guidance but can be done effectively. Just as...

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Recovery and Balance, Balance in recovery, meditate, meditation, mindfulness, therapy,

What Does It Mean to Have Balance in Your Life?

Knowing what keeps you happy and focused in recovery takes time, especially if you’re just learning the underlying factors of...

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Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS)

The Vagus Nerve: Your Key to Better Calm and Control

The human body has numerous processes that are generally automatic. While we’re not exactly on auto-pilot, we rarely have to...

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success stories, what is celebrate recovery

What Is Celebrate Recovery?

There are many 12-Step programs that cater to a wide variety of individual needs. One popular choice for people interested...

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