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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries and Substance Use
Tracey L. Kelley | 25 June

People experience traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in many ways: assaults, contact sports, falls, firearm accidents, and motor vehicle crashes are

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Inspirational Books and Movies About Recovery
Tracey L. Kelley | 13 June

Storytelling is the foundation of the human experience. When we’re moving through struggle and need a boost, books and movies

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How Parents Can Talk to Teens About Alcohol and Drugs
Tracey L. Kelley | 26 May

Your teen watches you have a cocktail or two after dinner and celebrate every special occasion with champagne. One of

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Understanding EMDR for Trauma Recovery
Tracey L. Kelley | 13 May

For many people, trauma is a strong contributor to addictive behavior. When someone has experienced trauma but hasn’t had the

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Interventions: What You Need to Know
Tracey L. Kelley | 29 April

When you care for someone who has alcohol use disorder (AUD) or substance use disorder (SUD) who isn’t able to

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Using Christian Faith for Your Recovery
Tracey L. Kelley | 7 April

It’s truly courageous to enter an addiction treatment facility. Some people feel guided by their faith to seek treatment, which

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Addiction, Loneliness, and Older Adults: The Sad Truth
Tracey L. Kelley | 31 March

Isolation and loneliness have taken a toll on America’s seniors, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic. The unfortunate result

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Drumming: Tap Into Your Inner Rhythm for Healing
Tracey L. Kelley | 22 March

In the whiz-bang rush of our modern age, sometimes it’s challenging to get to the heart of who we are

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The Partnership Between a Rehab Facility and a Client
Tracey L. Kelley | 5 March

Deciding to go to addiction rehab, especially an inpatient facility, isn’t always an easy choice. Many factors might come into

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How to Work the 12 Steps to Your Advantage
Tracey L. Kelley | 13 February

After almost 100 years of existence, the practices of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) have become rooted in our society. Even people

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