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Drugs are only a Symptom of the Disease
Seabrook | 21 July

The disease of addiction was prevalent in my life before I ever picked up a substance. I can remember my

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How Free do you want to be?
Seabrook | 31 March

Could you imagine being able to function on a daily basis without putting a substance into your body? Ever think

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Seabrook | 16 May

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist It says it right in the 1st step.  We admitted we were powerless. What

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Ninety and Ninety
Seabrook | 8 February

Blog Post by: Alumni Relations Specialist When I entered rehab, I didn’t know anything about a program or a fellowship.  I

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We Must Walk Before We Run
Seabrook | 25 January

Common things I hear from addicts in the 12 step meetings are “When will I get my family’s trust back?” and “When can I

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Fear of Not Knowing
Seabrook | 11 January

Blog Post By: Alumni Relations Specialist Sometimes the fear of not knowing is worse than knowing. However, we come into

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Sobriety During the Holiday Season
Seabrook | 25 November

The holidays are upon us. It is a time to celebrate and give thanks with family and friends. And although

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The Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Controversy
Seabrook | 6 October

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was founded by Dr. Bob and Bill Wilson in an attempt

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