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Interventions: What You Need to Know
Tracey L. Kelley | 29 April

When you care for someone who has alcohol use disorder (AUD) or substance use disorder (SUD) who isn’t able to

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Opioid Assistance Package Signed by President
Seabrook | 26 October

The monumental opioid bill, H.R. 6: Support for Patients and Communities Act was signed by President Donald Trump on October

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Remembering Bereaved Parents Awareness Month
Seabrook | 2 August

Each year, 64,000 people die of drug related overdoses. That equates to 128,000 parents who lose a child, and 256,000

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America’s Youngest Victims of the Opioid Crisis
Seabrook | 13 July

In 2012, every twenty-five minutes a baby was born with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). In 2015, the rate increased to

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What You Need to Know About Family Intervention
Seabrook | 21 July

Does your loved one need a “carefrontation” or family intervention? This type of sensitive, guided confrontation may be the first

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The Truth About Addiction Stereotypes
Seabrook | 26 April

One of the great things about the Internet is that it can help people struggling with addiction feel less alone.

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Fraternity Members Not Swayed by Intervention
Seabrook | 1 June

The reputation of the Greek college system of fraternities and sororities is seen as full of partying and drinking. Studies

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Substance Abuse in Canadian Students
Seabrook | 16 December

Although the rate of alcohol consumption among Canadian students has decreased within the past twenty years, the students are still

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Heroin Drug Users Likely Started with Opioids
Seabrook | 9 December

High School seniors who use heroin most likely started their drug use with opioids, according to a study published in

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PDMP Now Available as an APP
Seabrook | 15 April

The New Jersey Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is now available in app form. Registered physicians and pharmacists can now

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