Are you Planning an Intervention? Seabrook Can Help.

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Are you Planning an Intervention? Seabrook Can Help.

Planning an Intervention?

An Intervention is a very difficult thing to execute and even harder to plan. The person you are trying to help is often in denial and is unaware that they have a problem. Confronted by loved ones and significant others, the person becomes less defensive and they will eventually start to see the problem exposed and all the damage their addiction has caused themselves and those around them. That is why having and planning and effective Intervention can be a valuable tool on the way to recovery. It is important to treat the person with kindness and respect and limit the Intervention to a group of close family and friends, making it impactful and a more powerful experience for the affected person. Also, family intervention can
be easier to execute with the help of qualified and certified specialist. With recent successful Interventions in Arlington, Virginia (VA), Charleston, South Carolina (SC), Houston, Texas (TX), Detroit, Michigan (MI) and Denver, Colorado (CO).

Following a family intervention, immediate entry into detox, alcohol rehab, drug rehab or other appropriate treatment setting is usually what results. Let Seabrook be the place you take your loved ones to after your family intervention. We have our main location in Bridgeton, New Jersey (NJ) and our extended-care transitional rehab is located in Tioga County, Pennsylvania (PA). It is just minutes away from Elmira, New York (NY) Regional airport and 4 hours away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA) by car. Patients come from all over including the United Kingdom, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

Let Seabrook help you, help your loved ones through the recovery process; Wherever and Whoever you are, we can help.